MATH-203 Discrete Dynamical Systems
Spring for 2017-2018
The primary focus of the course is learning how mathematics is used to develop general principles applied to other fields of study. In particular, we will use mathematics to model and analyze dynamic real world phenomena, that is, phenomena that change over time. Among the situations we will consider are, gambling (your money changes over time), drug and alcohol elimination, genetic makeup of a population, change in the value of an annuity or mortgage, and the sustainable harvesting of a species.

Once models have been developed, we will analyze the models to answer questions of interest, such as, at what rate does a population grow and how can it be harvested in a sustainable manner? How do chemicals stabilize in our bodies? How much do we need to save to have an annuity we can live with? How is the genetic makeup of a population affected by environmental stresses? We will also consider the relatively new mathematical topics of chaos and fractals.

The course will use free pdf materials written by the professor.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MATH 150
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