MGMT-589 Advanced Oral Presentations
The ability to speak clearly and effectively is critical to your professional success. You will likely be called on to "brief" someone or to "sell" and idea, a product, or a service. This module helps you capitalize on these opportunities by becoming a more effective presenter. You will give impromptu and planned presentations, team presentations, as well as work in pairs or small groups on topics such as storytelling, content development, crisis communication, and many elements of persuasion. The module is highly participatory. You will be doing something active in every session - either speaking, evaluating, mentoring or providing verbal or written feedback. The true value added aspect of this class comes through participation and interaction with your colleagues. This is not a class where you can sit and watch the activities, so pleas come with energy and commitment to each class period.
Credits: 1.5
Prerequisites: MBA Students Only
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