MGMT-590 Managing Human Capital & Resources
Fall for 2017-2018
This is a first course in managing human capital and resources (HCR), which is aimed primarily at students who go into other areas but who will manage people, rather than those who will specialize in HCR. We will focus on operational-level issues, although some strategic issues also will be discussed. Using research to inform evidence-based practice, we will examine HCR problems, both the perspectives of both the organization/managers and its employees. For example:

- What is meant by the term “employment at will”, and how does it affect the choices managers and employees make?
- What are the best ways to recruit and select employees?
- What are some effective performance management techniques?
- You’re frustrated that the human resources department has set a maximum pay rate for one of your employees, who you think will get an offer from a competitor. How and why did the HR department set this maximum, and what can you do about it?
- How do you compare job offers from employers who offer 401(k) plans versus other types of deferred compensation plans?
- How is managing different when a union represents some of your employees, or is in the process of organizing them?

The primary objective of this course is to enhance your ability to recognize and address human capital and resources issues faced by managers.
Credits: 1.5
Prerequisites: MBA Students Only
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