MGMT-671 Applied Negotiations
Spring for 2017-2018
This course will focus on helping you to become a better negotiator by deepening your understanding of the bargaining process and by learning more sophisticated techniques for creating mutual gain. On a more personal level, you can explore which negotiation style works best for you and try to overcome what is, for many, a basic discomfort with the interpersonal aspects of negotiating. Because negotiation involves multiple intellectual disciplines, this module will incorporate elements of economics, psychology, sociology, game theory and law.

Ultimately, however, negotiation is not an abstract field but a tangible skill and, like all skills, proficiency requires repeated practice. Since negotiation is best learned by actually negotiating, simulations will take up a majority of class time. Each negotiation will be deconstructed, giving you a unique opportunity to find out what the other party was thinking. Further, because you will all be doing the same negotiation in parallel groups of two or more, you will have an opportunity to see how other classmates approached the same situation.
Credits: 1.75
Prerequisites: Conflict Resolution students only
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