MICB-560 Principles and Applications of Drug Discovery
Spring for 2015-2016
This is an elective multi-disciplinary course and focuses on various human diseases for which development of
therapeutics are needed. In the first part, the course will cover basic principles of drug discovery involving medicinal chemistry, strategies and techniques used in structure activity relationship study and pharmacophore
identification. The course will also cover target identification as well as selection and optimization of drug-like compounds using a variety of modern techniques such as molecular docking based on known three-dimensional structures of therapeutic targets as well as structure determination of target/ligand complexes by using X-ray crystallography and proteomics. In the second part of the course, applications of drug discovery to specific human diseases. This part will include development of new antibiotics to combat drug-resistant bacteria, anti-fungal, antivirals (HIV-1, HBV/HCV, Flu, and Flaviviruses) and other human diseases.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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