MPHM-510-01 Hospitality Operations and Service Management
Spring for 2017-2018
Operators are at the critical nexus of the hospitality industry, intersecting with almost all aspects of the business function at some level, ultimately working to deliver the product and service to the guest. In this foundational course, an understanding of the basics of service and operations is complemented with an intensive strategic and logistical examination of the overall structure of the operation’s management and service delivery.

The semester starts with an intensive look at the business of hospitality, understanding the structure of industry-wide owner-operator-brand management models, the basics of management agreements, and fundamental terminologies. Students will explore the importance of guest service in the overall business strategy, how operators measure quality performance against standards, and learn how and why execution plays both a critical and dominant role in the success of the hospitality business. Participants will investigate the organizational structure of hotel, restaurant, + conventions operations, learn how to critically access and respond to performance & quality control issues, and operate within a larger institution/model. Standard operating procedures, brand standards and compliance, and information systems are topics of note. The broader topic of service to the guest will be addressed at various levels and on a global scale, understanding minimal and maximal approaches, and the importance of innovative ideas for the future. Special focus will be devoted to the role of personalized service and customization.

At a mastery level, participants will be able to make strategic plans, hone their decision-making ability, and oversee implementation in the organization to boost corporate performance at both the qualitative and quantitative levels. The course establishes an understanding of managerial models and issues in service management and delivery, and focuses on service and operational tactics for optimal revenue, and creating/accessing metrics and performance outcomes.

Partnering with local hotels and/or restaurants, Georgetown students will engage in practical and applied learning in their experiential ‘classrooms’ while shadowing and working with various departments, particularly the rooms, banqueting, and operations divisions.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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