MPHM-530-01 Sales & Marketing and Communications for Hospitality Management
Spring for 2017-2018
Sales, marketing and communications are key to building brand perception and awareness, distinguishing a value proposition from competitors, and growing and retaining customers. Paralleling the travel industry’s evolving globalization, organizations have moved from a local to a global approach. Once largely sales-driven, hospitality has become a market-driven industry, where increasingly complex distribution channels are required to target, reach, and convert diverse prospective audiences. Today, an integrated multi-channel sales, marketing and communications strategy is the norm, dynamic content and storytelling are king, and this mastery-level course explores why.

Creative and successful sales and marketing case studies are central in this foundational course. Industry cases, presentations, and interaction with travel industry experts will demonstrate the critical dependences, priorities, and analytics to craft and execute a successful sales and marketing plan. Assumptive planning and marketing research techniques will be introduced. An in-depth review and understanding of travel industry strategic relationships and dependences, corporate and property branding and loyalty, strategic direct and indirect distribution priorities, (including electronic platforms, wholly owned and third party websites, social media and corporate & leisure travel agency commercial models, etc.), sales leadership, management, and administration will all be reviewed as they relate to successful planning and development.

Data management and analytics will be introduced as guiding principles to the overall planning process and ongoing performance measurement process.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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