MPHM-730-01 Principles of Asset Management in Lodging
Fall for 2017-2018
Asset Management is a specialized type of real estate investment management that plays a crucial role in the complex structure of the hotel and lodging business. Often referred to as ownership groups—ranging from REITs to private individuals—asset managers direct individual or portfolios of hotels as income-generating resources. Even though asset management was not recognized as a specific discipline until the late 1980's, the tools of the trade and the required skill set continue to evolve rapidly, driven by the requirements of investors, financial markets, and advancements within the hotel industry. This advanced-level elective course will explore the evolution of the asset management role, strategies and tools to manage the investment, and emerging trends that will invariably dictate the future of the industry. Targeted case studies and visiting industry executives illustrate foundational principles, and provide insight into the various constituencies that utilize, direct, or are impacted by asset managers. Additionally, students will be tasked with an in-depth group research project to demonstrate an understanding of basic asset management techniques and principles. This project will be completed with an actual ownership group. The students will develop an Asset Management Plan and defend their final product with the ownership group and instructors.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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