MPHM-760-01 Designing and Leading High-Impact Hospitality Teams: ILE
Fall for 2017-2018
A dynamic team is a cornerstone of the modern hospitality business, and effective team leaders require the highly-evolved ability to adapt, put out fires, ignite creativity, juggle, cajole, console, and engage all players. This multidisciplinary course incorporates research, theories, and experiential learning to finely-tune interpersonal and intercultural skills fundamental to building and leading high performance teams in the hospitality industry. The complexity of group dynamics will be explored and reinforced via role-playing in coaching, counseling, recruiting, and managing, resulting in a mastery of progressive and innovative leadership. Team building is an essential and often elusive skill in the ever-changing world of hospitality, as it requires a broad understanding in areas from reputation management and corporate culture to global environments. Cultural influences, communities, attitudes, and behavior vary within and across nations and ethnicities requiring knowledge of etiquette, decision-making processes, greetings, and customs. Additionally, motivational techniques and strength-based applications will magnify creativity to drive change alongside practical and tactical topics such as thriving in remote or invisible offices and the art of designing effective meetings.

Due to the special nature of this Intensive Learning Experience (ILE), a majority of this course will be held over 3 extended Saturday classes as an evolving series of sessions and activities tailored to group dynamics and team building. Please see Course Schedule for more information.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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