MPHM-765-01 Applying and Developing Intentional Hospitality Leadership: ILE
Spring for 2017-2018
The diverse community of hospitality touches lives throughout the world and requires leaders to be constantly aware and present with associates and guests while consistently modeling a benchmark for others. This type of Intentional Leadership is an essential element of successfully navigating the hospitality business, an awareness of a deliberate and purposeful action, decision, or behavior to advance an organization or team.

In this multidisciplinary course grounded in the context of the hospitality industry, theories and research are coupled with experiential learning to demonstrate and practice Intentional Leadership and deepen the understanding of how choices and opportunities shape our character and values. Students experience how an action, decision, or language instills confidence, inspires “the best self”, overcomes conflict, and creates clarity. At its core, students develop communication techniques & strategies, and strength-based processes for handling difficult situations, talent acquisition, coaching & counseling, managing up, and supporting group dialogue.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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