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MPHR-802-01 Strategic Thinking in Human Resources
  • Gill, John
  • The focus of this course is on providing H.R. professionals with the
    skills and tools to think analytically. Research indicates that
    successful organizations base their key business decisions on
    organizational strategies. Thus, H.R. professionals must be able to
    add value by thinking critically about the ramifications of business
    decisions on the leadership of H.R. This course provides students with
    a strategic thinking and application process that entails
    environmental analysis, assessment of competencies and weaknesses,
    analysis of competitors and the formulation and implementation of
    effective strategies that result in competitive advantage. It requires
    students to apply the critical business skills of planning and
    managing strategic activities. The course also seeks to develop
    students’ capacity to identify issues, to reason carefully about
    strategic options and improve their ability to manage the organization
    process by which strategies get formed and executed.
    Course Objectives
    On completion of this course, students will:
    • Think critically
    • Analyze and understand the role strategies play in determining the
    direction of an organization;
    • Understand and apply strategic thinking and planning integrates as
    it relates to business operations;
    • Understand how to present well –reasoned plans and proposals to
    leadership and.
    • Develop and apply the skills to identify an organization’s
    strategies and determine how H.R. impacts organization imperatives
    Credits: 3
    Prerequisites: None
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