MPJO-505 Digital Essentials for Journalists
Spring for 2010-2011
Carlos Roig
This course examines the essential digital skills needed in the field of journalism today. We will study the current media landscape to help students understand how digital skills and sensibilities are integrated with content creation, information dissemination and audience building efforts at news organizations of all sizes.

The course involves a survey of key issues affecting the day-to-day work of modern journalists, as well as an examination of emerging technologies, platforms and ideas. Case studies, readings, media surveillance and guest lectures will help students learn the core skills needed to broaden their career opportunities; to add to their fundamental reporting and writing background; and to think entrepreneurially about how they can help shape the future of journalism.

Students will:
•learn practical, effective and applicable digital skills
•investigate how individuals build traditional or unique journalism careers
•develop and debate ideas using a collaborative, interactive team approach
•create and distribute original content
•display learning in class discussions, writing assignments and the final project

This course is required for all MPS Journalism students. In order to satisfy graduation requirements, students must earn a B (3.00) or higher. Any student who fails to do so must repeat the course.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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Spring '11: Roig C (file download)
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