MPJO-721 Multimedia Storytelling
Spring for 2010-2011
Keith Jenkins
This class will examine multimedia creation for the online community. We will look at interactive content from the joint perspectives of why and how - focusing on the cultural influences that shape and inform our multimedia choices and the technological challenges we have in achieving them. Works of literature, criticism, and technology will be utilized to give the student a broad perspective of the multimedia landscape.

The class will apply our findings to the act of content creation, with photography and audio storytelling being our primary means of expression. Our goal will be to apply the non-linear art of experimentation and discovery to the linear art of sharing information online.

The class will be conducted in a seminar format, relying on discussion to move our examination of multimedia forward. There will be some in-class instruction in several content creation tools, but students are expected to use non-class, lab time to master these. During the semester, students will be expected to use these tools to create an audio project, a photography project, and a complete multimedia final project.

The goal of this course is to provide students with a foundation for understanding and working with multimedia. This is a base that students can expand upon, and one that will help them navigate the shifting media landscape.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MPJO 725 Intro to Video Production or equivalent
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