MPMC-841-01 Activating Audiences for Causes
Spring for 2017-2018
Every cause is driven by it’s supporters — from donors, to volunteer leaders, to advocates. We’ll use the latest in behavioral economics, program analytics, and brain science to show how you can inspire your audiences to support a non-profit cause and do good in the world.

This course will explore:
- how people are “wired” to support causes, and how to best persuade them to increase their support;
- how age impacts what people want from the causes they support;
- best practices for strategies and tactics that non-profits (and progressive brands) use to drive support.

In the end, students will know how to craft (and evaluate) a pragmatic conversion strategy -- acquisition, conversion, activation, engagement and retention -- that goes beyond just informing and educating, but actually drives behavior.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MPMC 600, MPMC 602
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