MSFS-507 Globalization of Intersocietal Relations
Fall for 2015-2016
The purpose of this course is to track and understand the evolution of the political, economic, social, and cultural relations of the world's people. The course will examine the establishment of national states in Europe and its subsequent global expansion, and the impact of that expansion on peoples with different political and social traditions. It will also include the impact of the world wars and twentieth-century ideological conflicts on inter- and intra-societal relations; the post-1945 transformation of Latin American, African, and Asian societies and their relations to the international system; the growing influence of a dynamic and pervasive global economy; the expanding roles of regional and transnational organizations and actors; and the rise transnational actors and problems. Extrapolating from past and current trends, the course will conclude with some speculation on the future of international and intersocietal relations.(Not required for MSFS/MA in History majors).
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

Course syllabi
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Fall '15: Benedict, Carol A (file download)
Fall '15: de Luna, Kathryn (file download)
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