MSFS-638 Conflict Management and International Security
Spring for 2016-2017
The seminar's central focus is the challenge of creating security and building peace in the 21st century. It will introduce students to the "intellectual map" of the peace-maker by exploring a wide range of literatures and cases in order to identify the roots and sources of conflict, and illustrate the varieties of third party intervention for conflict management. Drawing upon readings and discussion, students will examine changing patterns of conflict and explore a range of institutions, techniques and strategies for responding to the challenge of disorder.

Course Requirements: There will be several short, written assignments accounting for 40% of the grade. Students will also prepare a research paper (40%) analyzing a specific conflict management issue and what can be done to address it. Students are expected to be prepared to participate in class discussion, and will present oral briefings to the seminar (20%).
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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Spring '17: Crocker C (file download)
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