MUSC-117 Rock History
Fall for 2017-2018
Rock is more than just music. It’s a commodity, an expressive medium, and a creative practice all at once. Understanding the complexities of rock requires a critical examination of its six-decade existence. The course begins with a look into the musical roots of rock and an interrogation of the concept of music genres. From there, we will engage a range of issues that both result from and influence rock musicians such as commodification, social critique, globalization, aesthetics, race, authenticity, performance, and censorship. We will study the development of these issues in depth by connecting them to certain songs from the history of rock. This is a listening intensive course. Part of the work will be to develop critical listening skills that will help connect musical phenomena to social and political issues. We will examine the diverse sub-genres of rock from many perspectives using readings from musicologists, historians, sociologists, journalists, and the musicians themselves. Attending the first class is mandatory.
X-List: American Studies
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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