MUSC-361 Seminar in Music Journalism
Fall for 2017-2018
This is an interdisciplinary course designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in music feature journalism in print and audio formats. Class presentations and homework assignments will introduce students to a variety of topics related to music in Washington, DC, from historical times to contemporary trends. Each student will write and refine several print assignments and scripts for audio projects. Each will also complete a short audio feature report suitable for podcasting or airing on radio, on a topic related to some aspect of Washington’s musical history, as the final project of the course.

Students will develop skills in interviewing techniques, studio and location audio recording, audio editing and mixing using Avid Pro Tools software, and script writing for audio media. Additionally, students will learn about music in Washington, DC, from the past to the present. Individual and group field trips off campus to locations in the greater DC area will be incorporated into the assignments.

This is a writing intensive course. Written, reading, listening and/or recording assignments will be given on a weekly basis, so students should be prepared to dedicate up to six hours each week outside of class to successfully complete these assignments.

There is no required textbook for this course. The source materials for the course will be a variety of short pieces, including articles from newspapers and magazines, film and radio documentaries, excerpts from musicals/operas, fictional short stories, a selection of scholarly articles, and listening assignments such as podcasts and archived radio programs. All of these reading and listening assignments will be distributed in class, placed on reserve in the library, or accessible through links posted on the Blackboard site for this course.

X-List: American Studies, Journalism
Music Performance Fee: $100
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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