NSCI-523 Brain and Language
Spring for 2017-2018
This course is an introduction to the brain bases of language. Its primary goals are (1) to weave together basic concepts from linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience; (2) to introduce students to the study of brain and language (neurolinguistics); and (3) to present topics of special interest in this field. The course will begin with introductory lectures discussing basic issues and methods in linguistics and cognitive neuroscience, including neuroimaging techniques. Next we will examine a wide range of topics, including: the neural bases of (first and second) language acquisition, of speech perception, and of conceptual representations; aphasia (acquired language impairments); reading and alexia (acquired reading impairments); the neural bases of written language; developmental dyslexia; the role of memory brain systems in language; epilepsy and language; language recovery after stroke; aphasia from degenerative disorders; and the brain bases of cognitive control in language. A number of the lectures will be given by guest lecturers from the Baltimore/Washington area, who will present in their areas of expertise. Each lecture will be followed by a student-led presentation and the discussion and critique of a research article.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Some background in at least one of the following: Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology, or Neuroscience.
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