NSCI-525 Functional Neuroimaging and Cognition
Offered academic year 2012-2013
This tutorial is designed to provide an overview of the application of brain imaging to the study of human cognitive and sensorimotor processes. Principles of experimental design, statistical analysis and interpretation will be reviewed briefly at the beginning of the semester. For the remainder of the semester journal publications of functional neuroimaging studies employing fMRI or PET will be reviewed and discussed. These are selected to cover the functional organization of the visual system, including the processing of objects, words and faces. These will also be discussed in the context of brain development and clinical populations. A tour of the imaging facility and a data analysis laboratory will also take place.

Weekly meetings will consist of students preparing a brief ½ page summary and critique of a particular paper and presenting these to the group. For three or four of the weekly meetings, outside speakers will be asked to present their own paper and then students will have an opportunity to discuss it directly with the author. At the end of the semester students will have to design their own study and present their proposed research to the group.
Credits: 2
Prerequisites: None
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