NURS-182 Nursing Care of Children with Physiological Alterations
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This course introduces the learner to the nursing care of infants, children and adolescents, through the age of 17 years, with major physiologic alterations and conditions encountered in acute/critical care and primary care settings. Learners integrate knowledge from the social and biological sciences into evidence-based preventive, therapeutic, and restorative nursing care for children and families. This course advances the learner’s knowledge, technical capabilities, and nursing competencies for care of the physical, psychosocial, developmental and cultural needs of children and their families. Conceptual threads throughout the course include the Nursing Process, critical thinking and clinical judgment, evidence-based practice, ethical issues, multidisciplinary collaboration, cultural sensitivity, family centered care and professional role development.
Credits: 5
Prerequisites: NURS-204 & NURS-181
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