NURS-372 Nursing Interventions & Concepts for Care of Women
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
Summer for 2018
The focus of this course is on the response of individuals and families to changes that occur during the reproductive process and in related issues of women's health. Reproduction is explored as a normal life cycle event with an emphasis on the role of the nurse in promoting health for families within a values-based framework. Students develop communication strategies necessary for Clinical Nurse Leaders to manage and coordinate care across a variety of maternity clinical settings. Pertinent knowledge from the social and biological sciences is considered in the development of a plan of care and in evaluating national policies that impact childbearing and other health issues of women. In addition to a focus on the normal reproductive process, students study potential complications of pregnancy and other common health concerns of women across the life continuum.
Credits: 5
Prerequisites: None
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