NURS-390 Essential Nursing Interventions & Concepts of Genetics/ Genomics
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
Summer for 2018
Claude Warzecha
he focus of this course is to provide students the essential knowledge required to understand and explain concepts in genetics/genomics to health care consumers, provide education and counseling to patients and families obtaining genetic testing. Students will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of prevention, risk reduction, health promotion and disease management interventions related to genetics/genomics. Students also integrate concepts of ethical principles in decision-making associated with the management of genetic materials and information. This course includes content in areas such as the form and function of DNA, genomic organization, cytogenetics, principles of simple and complex inheritance, whole genome association, and genomic diversity in disease. Students will explore the role of nurse in health and organizational policy related to genetics/genomics. Translational and clinical applications will be emphasized throughout the course, utilizing case presentations, take home assignments and lectures.
Credits: 2
Prerequisites: None
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