OPIM-258 Decision Support Systems
Spring for 2017-2018
Management Support Systems are playing increasingly important roles in the business world. This course is a general introduction to the managerial and technical aspects of such systems. Topics covered include Decision Making, Decision Support Systems, Management Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence (Expert Systems and other advanced concepts), and Executive Information Systems. Besides the exams, completion of an individual programming assignment and a group project are a requirement for this course.

For the programming assignment, students will build a Visual Basic for Application (VBA) program in Excel. The ability to program, especially in Excel (and/or Access) is a highly marketable skill for all business majors.

For the group project, students will build a Decision Support Application. Details will be provided during the first week of class.

This course will be interactive in nature. Students are expected to engage in critical discussions, applying their knowledge from the readings. You should be prepared to participate actively in class discussions. Please be sure that your comments and questions are conducive to a respectful and comfortable environment for others to contribute their ideas.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Junior & Senior MSB Students Only; Prerequisite or co-requisite OPIM 284 (Management Science)
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