OPIM-648 Corporate Cybersecurity
Spring for 2010-2011
Joel Molinoff
This course introduces the student to the key concepts, issues, risks and impacts associated with corporate information security. Cybercriminals, corporate adversaries, state-actors and other hackers are increasingly agile and sophisticated in their malicious activities. And with the advance of social networking, mobile computing, cloud computing and other prevailing technology trends, security practitioners are ever more challenged to protect enterprise, client and employee information. It is critical that today’s manager understand his/her company’s security risks, vulnerabilities, threats and related consequences and be able to make strategic and tactical decisions about responding to security challenges.
Although the course is non-technical in nature the student will learn complex technology concepts and frameworks and be required to apply existing operational, financial and strategic expertise in solving executive level, enterprise problems.

Current, real-world intrusions and compromises—such as the recent attack on Google and other companies—will be covered and the student will gain a detailed understanding of the threats organizations face as well as the challenges inherent to effectively managing cyber-related risks to both the enterprise and its employees.
Credits: 1.5
Prerequisites: None
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