PHYS-155 Mathematical & Computational Methods
Spring for 2017-2018
The goals for this course are to help the student learn enough about the mathematical and computational methods used in physics to serve as a foundation for advanced study in physics (and other fields), develop problem-solving skills, and apply those problem-solving skills to simple but realistic situations. It is intended that the depth of coverage of each topic be sufficient to allow the use of the basics of that topic in subsequent study of physics and the acquisition of a more thorough and deeper understanding of that topic should need and/or desire so dictate. In other words, rather than providing exhaustive coverage, this course is intended to get the student up and running. Topics covered will be chosen from ordinary and partial differential equations, complex variables, linear algebra, vector algebra and calculus, partial differentiation, multiple integrals, Fourier series, integral transforms, calculus of variations, and probability. Numerical computation employing Python will be used throughout the class.
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: PHYS-153 and MATH-137 or permission of the instructor
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