PORT-423 Topics in Afro-Luso-Brazilian Literature: Contemporary Brazilian, Portuguese and Lusophone African Novel
This seminar will focus on an advanced, comparative study of novels from Portugal, Brazil and Lusophone Africa from the beginning of the 20-century to today. We will read the works of major Portuguese-speaking authors in conjunction with theoretical texts in order to highlight the main developments in fiction writing in these regions. From the politically engaged novel of 1930s Brazil through the postcolonial turn in Portuguese narrative in the 1990s, to emerging writers from Lusophone Africa; from Brazil’s “noir” novels of Ruben Fonseca, through the lyrical prose of Mozambique’s Mia Couto, to the post-modern novels of Portuguese writer Gonçalo Tavares, this course will offer an in-depth analysis of the fiction written in Portuguese in the last 100 years.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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