PSYC-222 Human Sexuality
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
The goal of this course is to examine the complex interplay of psychological, sociocultural, and biological factors in the development and expression of sexual attitudes and behaviors. This will be accomplished through lectures, readings, discussions, films, and a set of written assignments. We will cover a wide variety of topics, including the major psychological theories of sexuality, patterns of sexual arousal and response, the development of gender and gender identity, variations in sexual orientation, attraction processes and romantic love, sexual dysfunctions and sex therapy, typical and atypical sexual behaviors, as well as the psychological effects of pornography. Every effort will be made to present the relevance and applicability of each course topic to your own life. By the end of the semester, you should have a greater understanding of your own and others’ sexual functioning and practices. You should also develop an appreciation for different perspectives on sexuality, as well as improve your ability to communicate on this topic.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Psyc 001
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