PSYC-271 Community Engagement: Child&Soc
Fall for 2016-2017
Spring for 2016-2017
The UNXP 200/Psyc 270 is a prerequisite for students to enroll in this module. In this module which runs for the second 4 weeks of the semester, students can enroll in the community-based learning course (UNXP-201). This course brings students out into the Washington, DC community to youth- and family-oriented educational settings and social service agencies. Course faculty travel with students to these placements. While on-site, students and faculty engage in direct observation and field study of children in context and under the guidance of expert professionals. Community-based learning is an innovative and immersive educational experience. The course seeks to foster students’ understanding of children’s unique health and psychological needs, and emerging social relationship structures in an up-close manner with ample opportunity for learning and reflection. This course runs for 2 class periods on Thursday mornings will a 1 class recitation section on Tuesday morning.
In combination with 2 other 1 credit modules from the CC&S course series these 3 credits can be bundled to make a course. For psychology majors this bundled course meets the requirement of the area 1/2 requirement for majors and minors. See also UNXP200, 202, 203 for more information on Challenges in Childhood and Society course modules. It is possible for students to enroll in all 4 modules. Students may accrue credits across 2 semesters and bundle into a course.
possible for students to enroll in all 4 modules. Students may accrue credits across 2 semesters and bundle into a course.
Module 1, Weeks 1-4, UNXP-200/ Psyc 270 (1 credit) -Required. No prerequisite.

Module 2, Weeks 5-8, UNXP-201/Psyc 271 (1 credit) - Prerequisite: UNXP-200/Psyc 270.

Module 3, Weeks 9-13, UNXP-202/Psyc 272 (1 credit) - Prerequisite: UNXP-200/Psyc 270.


Module 3, Weeks 9-13, UNXP-203/Psyc 273 (1 credit) Prerequisites: UNXP-200/Psyc 270 and UNXP-201/Psyc 271 (or permission of Instructor).
Credits: 1
Prerequisites: PSYC 270/UNXP 200

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Fall '16: Bruno Anthony (web site, description, file download)
Fall '16: Matthew Biel (web site, description, file download)
Additional syllabi may be available in prior academic years.
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