PSYC-361 Children and Technology
Spring for 2017-2018
Children and adolescents now grow and develop in a rapidly changing digital world from the earliest days of their lives. Our children now grow up digital natives. Yet the developmental needs of children, such as attachments and friendships with others, identity construction, the formation of romantic relationships, and differentiating fantasy from reality, remain a constant in their lives. How does the rapidly
changing digital experience map on to the developmental needs of children? In this seminar, we will explore how established and emerging technologies influence children's developmental outcomes. The technologies explored include television, computers, videogames, tablets, and mobile phones, as well as the content and games that children and youth use on these platforms. Social policy issues will be considered such as influences and regulatory polices about aggression, pornography, and educational media. Prerequisite: PSYCH 001.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: PSYC 001 and PSYC-160 or PSYC-262, or permission of instructor.
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