SEST-500 Theory and Practice of Security
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
Students in the Security Studies Program (SSP) are required to take this course in their first semester of the program. The course is designed by the SSP core faculty to provide a conceptual and substantive foundation for the M.A. curriculum.

Theory and Practice of Security has three main objectives. First, the course seeks to provide students with a basic understanding of the major theories and concepts used in security studies. We survey theories of war and peace – and the related dynamics of deterrence, coercion, cooperation, and intervention – in order to give students general frameworks for analyzing international security issues in any era. Second, the course examines the origins of the major interstate conflicts of the past century – including World War I, World War II, and the Cold War – in order to give students both historical grounding and an appreciation of the applicability of theory to evidence. Third, the course aims to introduce some of the key security challenges of the post-Cold War era and the 21st century, in order to give students a foundation for exploring contemporary security problems in greater depth in subsequent SSP courses.

Fall 2017:
500-01 Nick Palarino
500-02 Olof Kronvall
500-03 Keir Lieber
500-04 Liz Grimm-Arsenault
500-05 Oriana Mastro
500-06 David Edelstein
500-07 Michael Mazarr
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: SSP students only

Course syllabi
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Fall '17: Palarino R. (file download)
Fall '17: Kronvall O (file download)
Fall '17: Arsenault E (file download)
Fall '17: Mastro O (file download)
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