SEST-501 Grand Strategy and Military Operations
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
This course seeks to give students an understanding of the elements of grand strategy and insight into military operations that will provide a baseline of knowledge for their work toward their Masters in Security Studies and beyond. The course will explore the following issues in detail: 1. The development of national decisions to use military force, the derivation of warfighting strategy and strategic aims that follow, and the operational plan and execution of campaigns to achieve them; 2. The civil-military relationship in the development of strategy and the execution of campaigns; 3. The evolution of operational capability over time and the evolution of the relative roles air, land, and seapower; and 4. The differing demands of conventional and unconventional warfare on the conduct of operations.

Fall 2017:
501-01 Brent Sterling
501-02 Kim Field
501-03 David Johnson
501-04 John Gordon
501-05 Brad Wineman
501-06 Jim Dubik
501-07 Susan Bryant

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: By Program Permission Only - SSP Students Only

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Fall '17: Johnson D (file download)
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