SEST-551 The Role of Technology in National Security
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
The role technology plays in the current national security context is revolutionary, if not a wholly radical departure from the past. Not since the development of the atomic bomb has such great technological change impacted so much in the national security realm. From the ability to wage war by pinpointing a human target from thousands of miles away with an unmanned aerial drone, to the ability to disrupt a nuclear program with a computer virus, to the ability to genetically engineer in a kitchen a highly virulent pathogen that could kill millions—these all represent ways in which technology has fundamentally altered the landscape of the national security space.

The pace of this change—and the corresponding relevance of technology in that regard—demands that national security professionals understand the relationship of technology to security and be able to be conversant and functional in the various technological domains germane to national security domain.

Given this criticality, this course provides a broad conceptual overview of the role of technology and its implications for national security in order to baseline students’ understanding of this field. In particular, we will review the various roles and responsibilities of key technological stakeholders, how technology is developed within the national security departmental apparatus, the importance of understanding the role of intelligence, the meaning of threat assessment and the concern of technological proliferation and, finally, the various core functional areas of greatest importance to understanding, appreciating and assessing national technological priorities and their connection to national and departmental strategy and implementation.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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