SEST-587 Security Issues in Latin America
Fall for 2017-2018
This course will examine the contemporary security landscape of Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC), focusing on the different and changing definitions of security and perceptions of insecurity as they are manifested in different countries and sub-regions. Among the security issues that we will examine will be State on State conflict, insurgencies, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, gangs and urban violence, and international criminal and terrorist activities. We will examine the premises of hemispheric security primarily from the perspective of the Latin American countries as recently expressed in the Organization of American States’ Declaration on Hemispheric Security and as demonstrated in recent actions. We will also examine how the LAC security environment is seen from the United States’ perspective. Throughout, we will pay particular attention to Latin American and Caribbean States’ capabilities to respond to current insecurities, focusing on the institutional capacity and governance of a range of security sector organizations. The Latin American experience is rich and varied. Many Latin American experiences and lessons to be learned have application in other developing world regions and in post-conflict and reconstruction scenarios.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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