SEST-650 Nuclear Weapons: History, Strategy, and Technology
Fall for 2016-2017
This course examines the role of nuclear weapons in international politics. The main learning objective of the course is to give students a sufficient technical, theoretical, historical, and operational background to assess contemporary debates about the role of nuclear weapons in international politics and U.S. national security in the coming decades. No prior technical skills or knowledge about nuclear weapons or military strategy are necessary for the course. The first part of the course will familiarize students with the basic technical, legal, and political ideas framing the discussion around nuclear energy and weapons. These include introduction to nuclear energy and weapons, nuclear safety, security, and safeguards, and the international legal and political mechanism governing nuclear weapons in place. The second part of the course will discuss the reasons why states choose to pursue nuclear weapons and to give them up. It will assess a number of historical and current proliferation cases and how the international community has addressed them.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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Fall '16: Tabatabai A (file download)
Fall '16: Tabatabai A (file download)
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