SEST-652 Iran’s National Security Policies
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
Iran’s national security policies are one of the most complex challenges in contemporary international security. Despite often dominating headlines in the United States, Iran’s security establishment remains relatively opaque and its policies, which are as complex as they are controversial, are often boiled down to sound bites. This course provides a comprehensive overview of Tehran’s national security thinking and apparatus. In the first strand of the course, students familiarize themselves with the key events and ideas that have shaped Iranian security thinking and its political and military culture since the 19th century. In the second strand of the course, students will learn more about key national security organizations and the different security programs within Iran. The third and final strand of the course will map our Iran’s relationship with key regional and international players to provide students with an in-depth understanding of its policies in strategic areas.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

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Fall '17: Tabatabai A (file download)
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