SEST-655-01 Strategy of Technology Dominance
Spring for 2016-2017
Nelson, R ; Lamb, J
This seminar is dedicated to the analysis of technology in global security. From the gladius to drones, from the atomic bomb to warrior web, warfare is based on creating superiority. No fighting edge has been—and is—greater than technology. On its own, however, even the greatest technology will not create political, social, military, or economic advancements. Each and every application requires contextual knowledge and viable strategy. Put another way, mastery of technology, with strategic aims, can equal overwhelming power—no under-standing of security is possible without its sophisticated appreciation. In this seminar, we will use a case-study approach, built on the strong foundations of methodology and episte-mology; we will investigate specific technologies and practical applications, ranging from Silicon Valley to the Pentagon; and then ultimately, we will create our own applications of technological utility.
Credits: 3.0
Prerequisites: None

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