SEST-687-01 Supplying War
Spring for 2017-2018
Gordon, Bill
This course aims to give students an understanding of the evolution, impact, and historical significance of logistics—that is, the process of arming, equipping, moving, and sustaining the forces that make war. It will focus mainly on Western warfare (to include its forays into Africa, Asia or the Middle East), moving forward from the Age of Sail and 18th-century limited warfare through Bonaparte and the various wars of the 19th-century, to the 20th-century’s World Wars and Cold War, and touching ultimately on the current era of so-called Hybrid Warfare. Essential components for examination will be strategy, policy, operations, command and control, and the linkages among these, as well as science and technology and the processes by which new weapons or other types of war materiel are developed and brought to hand. Students will emerge confident of their ability to contribute to serious conversations about logistics across a whole spectrum of types of warfare, especially in areas relating to issues of national strategy, defense economics, force structure, military acquisition, and civil-military relations.
Credits: 3.0
Prerequisites: None
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