SEST-710 Research Seminar
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
Fall 2017:

710-01 Mike Delurey
710-02 Tammy Schultz
710-03 Scott Harold
710-04 Tom McNaugher
710-05 Natalie Goldring
710-06 Christine Fair
710-07 Ariane Tabatabai
710-08 Pat Eddington

The Security Studies Program (SSP) Research Seminar is intended to guide students through the conceptualization, planning, and execution of a major original project on a policy-relevant topic. This course is not intended to train students to become social science scholars. However, the same basic principles underlie all solid research and analysis on which policy is based. Whether it is a scholarly book, a policy brief, or an oral presentation of analysis, strong research provides insightful and balanced perspectives on important policy problems.

The goals of the Research Seminar are:

1. To provide students with additional training in research design, research methods, and effective writing;
2. To guide students through the process of conducting original research and analysis, leading to the production of substantial, professional-quality papers. This course also helps students recognize common research mistakes and biases, while learning more about what constitutes strong research; and
3. To help students develop their abilities to constructively critique and contribute to the work of others.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

Course syllabi
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Fall '17: Delurey M (file download)
Fall '17: Goldring N (file download)
Fall '17: Fair C (file download)
Fall '17: Eddington P (file download)
Additional syllabi may be available in prior academic years.
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