SOCI-164-01 Japanese Society
Spring for 2016-2017
W 3:30 - 6:00 PM

This course examines major principles of social organization in Japan and contrasts them with the United States and other societies. The course begins with an overview of social structure, norms and values then focuses more closely on family, gender, education, community, current social problems and social change. The purpose is to enable the student to better understand Japanese society through a process of comparative analysis.

Course Requirements

Two exams and one 8-10 page research paper

Participate in two discussion groups and lead one discussion group.

Post to class blogs.

The syllabus is posted on the Registrar’s website and provides detailed information. Texts and course packets are regularly updated. Students should not purchase texts based on prior year syllabi.

The texts for Spring 2017 are:

An Introduction to Japanese Society. Fourth Edition, Yoshio Sugimoto.
Cambridge University Press, 2014. (also available as an e-book)

Understanding Japanese Society. Fourth Edition. Joy Hendry, RoutledgeCurzon,
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

Course syllabi
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Spring '17: Imamura A (file download)
Spring '17: Imamura, A (file download)
Spring '17: Imamura A (file download)
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