SOCI-168-01 Social Entrepreneurship
Fall for 2016-2017
TR 3:30 – 4:45PM
Lab – W 2:00-4:45PM

This course aims to expose the students to fresh concepts in social change and provide them with the opportunity to work with a community partner on a socially entrepreneurial project.

People have different opinions on how to define “social entrepreneurship.” When one thinks of the word “entrepreneur” most likely the image of a successful business person comes to mind. While the business entrepreneur’s bottom line is profit, i.e., financial capital, we could say the social entrepreneur’s bottom line is social capital, or public value. The social entrepreneur matches new combinations of people and resources to achieve social justice and a higher quality of life for all involved.

Each student will be part of a small group that will partner with a community-based or faith-based organization on a project that will test the student’s capacity to think creatively, act ethically, and empower others to do the same. Students will have the choice of working with a pre-existing partner organization or suggest an organization they are already involved with. Each student is expected to put in approximately 40 hours with their partner organization over the course of the 8-week session.

This is an Engelhard Project course meaning issues of wellness are infused in the curriculum. If we are to effectively address some of the most challenging issues facing society we must be at our best mentally, spiritually and physically. Students will develop personal wellness goals they will work toward over the semester.

Class meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays when students read and discuss social change theory, case studies, and best business practices for positive social change. Guest speakers will bring the subject matter to life as members of the community share their stories as social entrepreneurs. Students will participate in engaging activities from a curriculum designed by Echoing Green specifically for young adult social entrepreneurs.

Students can expect to write reflections, research and write profiles of effective social entrepreneurs and organizations, and produce a video that highlights their community partner and the project the student has been working on.  
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: None

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