SPAN-265 Intro. to Anthropology (in Spanish)
Lopez, Mercedes
This course introduces students to the contemporary practice of Cultural Anthropology, focusing on scholarship produced on and in Latin America. The students will address Cultural Anthropology as an analytical framework to examine assumptions about culture and identity, differences and similarities, change and tradition. They will explore common ways in which anthropologists carry out Ethnography and field work in contemporary contexts of globalization, trans-nationality of power, local agencies, violence and conflict, and persistent social injustice and inequality.

Based on this framework, the course will provide students with the tools to analyze the tensions between nation-state and cultural, ethnic and racial diversity in Latin America by reading renowned anthropologist as Garcia Canclini, intellectuals working on the convergence between Anthropology and critical theory as Victor Vich, and native intellectuals working in collaboration with anthropologist as in the case of the works of The Guambiano History Committee. The course will be taught in Spanish with some readings in English.
Credits: 3.0
Prerequisites: None
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