SPAN-384 Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers II
Spring for 2017-2018
This course is a continuation of SPAN 203*, designed for heritage speakers of Spanish, that is, for students who have learned Spanish at home or in informal contexts, and who have completed high school or formal education in English (or other language). The goal for this course is to continue the development of the student's bilingual range to achieve communicative, linguistic and sociolinguistic competence in speaking, listening, reading and writing Spanish. Special emphasis will be given to complex grammar, appropriate vocabulary for formal registers, and academic writing. Students’ work involves reading, composing, writing and proof reading different type of essays on topics related to students’ cultural background, the Spanish speaking world, and Spanish for academic proposes. A multi-faceted approach to the language will help the student gain a solid grasp of the Spanish language and all of its varieties and awareness of the diversity of the Hispanic communities both here in the US as well as in the Spanish-speaking world.

*Students may complete both or only one course.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: SPAN 203, or permission of instructor.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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