SPAN-392 Sem: Teaching Spanish
Spring for 2015-2016
If you are considering Teach for America, teaching Spanish in a private school or working in a bilingual school, Teaching Spanish is the course for you. It is divided into two parts, one devoted to the fundamental concepts of second language learning and teaching and a second that applies these concepts to L2 reading, listening, speaking, writing, as well as testing. Topics include an introduction to cognitive theories of language learning; teaching approaches, methods, and related techniques; the role of explicit instruction and input; classroom interaction and materials preparation. Students will be assessed through oral presentations, two examinations, observations, and the development of teaching materials. Students will be able to test their materials and skills in an after school program that offers Spanish classes at a DC school close to campus. These activities will count towards the Community-based Credit Learning Program.

The course fulfills one of the linguistics requirements for the Spanish major as well as the College social science requirement, and counts towards the minor in education.

Credits: 3.0
Prerequisites: None
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