SPAN-464 Don Quixote
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This course, taught in Spanish, is designed for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. Students will read the complete Spanish text of Don Quijote de la Mancha. We will analyze this early modern Spanish masterpiece from diverse perspectives—literary, cultural, historical, philosophical, and spiritual. We will examine the text not only with regard to content, but also in terms of style, purpose, audience, tone and voice. We will visit the rare books reading room of the library for an exhibition of materials pertinent to the novel in order to gain an appreciation of the influence of Don Quixote over the centuries. In addition to the novel, students will be required to read pertinent criticism.

Choosing themes suggested by the readings, graduate students will write one 20-30-page term paper. Undergraduate students will write three compositions. Class participation is required.

Required reading

Cervantes, Miguel. Don Quijote de la Mancha, Vols. I and II. Ed. John Jay Allen. Madrid: Cátedra, 2000.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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