SPAN-500 Spanish Methodology
Spring for 2015-2016
This course is a requirement for all teaching graduates in the Spanish and Portuguese as it prepares them for four years of teaching service and for a future teaching the languages and cultures of the Luso-Hispanic speaking world. The course links readings and discussions on the theoretical underpinnings of current pedagogical approaches to language teaching, including an introduction to processing approaches to language learning, with their practical implementation -methods, techniques, the role of explicit instruction and input and classroom interaction. Special attention is devoted to the development of techniques for the teaching of L2 comprehension (reading and listening), production (speaking and writing), and assessment materials. Throughout the semester, students will critique published articles and design activities, tasks, tests, and lesson plans and complete classroom observations. Assessment consists of oral presentations, two examinations, and observation reports.
The course is taught in Spanish and all assignments must be completed in Spanish.

Credits: 3.0
Prerequisites: None
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