SPAN-532 Semantics & Pragmatics II (Linguistics 532)
Spring for 2017-2018
In Semantics and Pragmatics 2, we extend the knowledge and skills gained in Semantics and Pragmatics 1 with the goal of giving students the abilities to read semantics/pragmatics literature on a virtually any topic which interests them and to do focused individual research projects in these areas. The course combines a “taught” component, with readings, lectures, and exercises, with a seminar-like component. This year, the course will concentrate on topics in intensional semantics, in particular tense (e.g., past, present, future), mood (indicative and subjunctive), and modality. We may also touch on aspect (perfect and progressive) and sentence types (interrogatives and imperatives), if student interest warrants.

Prerequisites: Semantics and Pragmatics 1, or permission of instructor.

Requirements: Reading, participation, homework assignments (especially in the first half of the semester), term paper.
Credits: 3.0
Prerequisites: None
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