STIA-305 Science & Technology in the Global Arena
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
Kathryn Olesko; Mark Giordano; Joanna Lewis; Emily Mendenhall
Science and technology have revolutionized geopolitical strategy, internationalized markets, created new possibilities for environmental or nuclear destruction, undermined totalitarian governments, and changed the conduct of warfare and the basis of economic and political power. This course is an introduction to how science and technology affect foreign affairs, and how international affairs influence science and technology. It is the gateway course required of SFS majors in science, technology and international affairs (STIA), and students in the College and the School of Nursing and Health Studies who intend to qualify for the STIA minor. It may be taken by undergraduates (other than first year students) from anywhere in the university without special permission. Graduate students may take substantially the same course, with a longer term paper, as MICB603. The course has no prerequisites and is suitable both for the policy generalist and for students with backgrounds in science.
The course explores how science and technology are linked to sustainability, risk and uncertainty, geopolitics, economics, domestic and international policies and politics, advice to governments, and government support to research and innovation. It uses examples drawn from environment, security, nuclear policy, information, communications, energy, space, homeland defense, health, and manufacturing technology. It also explores the role of technological innovation in increasing productivity and competitiveness, and in solving critical social and development problems. Finally, we compare the US approach to technology management, innovation, and science and technology policy with those of Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Israel, the former communist countries, and the developing countries.
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: None
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