STIA-372 Global Heath Ethics
Fall for 2017-2018
This course is designed to introduce students to ethical issues in health care policy, planning and service delivery in the global context. Through the application to practical decision-making at all levels of the healthcare system of a broad range of ethical principles and moral theories the students will gain an understanding of 1) the definitions of healthcare ethics and bioethics, including comparative interpretations; 2) the complexities of healthcare ethics and bioethics in the global context; 3) the protocol and systems in place to ensure adherence to ethical principles; and 4) their specific roles and responsibilities to ensure such adherence. Consideration of healthcare ethics and bioethics is of increasing concern in the international health sphere in light of a) the existing and emerging pandemics b) the development, testing and dissemination of new medical technology, including that related to genetic research; c) the expanding global reach of health provider organizations; and d) increasing implementation of research studies in developing countries by researchers in high-income countries. The need for those engaged in international health at a wide range of levels to have an understanding of global health care ethics and bioethics and the means available to address them is paramount.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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