STIA-394 Global Health Diplomacy
Spring for 2017-2018
Global Health Diplomacy will explore the interconnection between international affairs and the science and technology of critical global health issues such as pandemic preparedness and response (eg, Zilka, Ebola, influenza); infectious diseases such as HIV, malaria, and TB; the rising spread of noncommunicable diseases such as tobacco and diabetes; regulation of medicines, health products and food; and the securitization of health. This seminar will examine the role of diplomacy and policymaking processes in addressing these issues including the development of national foreign policies for global health; the establishment of treaties and international agreements; negotiations with public, private and philanthropic players; and governance of international organizations and public-private partnerships. In this course, the student will seek to understand the role that diplomatic and political processes play in shaping global health programs, policies and operations through readings, discussion and lecture and present a paper on a specific topic chosen in conjunction with the professor of her/his choosing.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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